Self harm//expanding on Naruto

Okay so I’ve been talking about “what Naruto has taught me” a lot recently and I realised: I never really back it up with evidence: so here we go😊Also this is kind of irrelevant but through account surfing I saw in a lot of bio’s how long people have/had been clean and I thought I’d share mine. I’ve been clean for a massive year and a quarter! It will be two years this September 😊to say I’m proud of my selfs an understatement, but you should be proud too! Weather it’s an hour, day, month or year! It’s all time you’ve managed to resist temptation and a victory worth celebrating.


A place to call home

“A place to call home”, a very vague figure of speech. It probably has different meanings for different people. But for me: it means a place where you feel truly safe and cared for. I don’t just mean in a sense of “home invasion”.

For example, when I’m at my girlfriends, all my worries just go away. Her company plus her stupid dog whom I love to pieces make everything seem okay for a while. Then I have to go back to reality. It’s 03:36 upon writing this, I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while now actually.  I suppose her house is a “home away from home”, I’ll finish with this quote from Jirya, enjoy

My story~Bi polar

Before I even go anywhere with this, *TRIGGER WARNING*with that, reader discretion advised, you have been warned.

So to start, I just want to say. I can now say with more certainty than I did at the time. This could honestly be so long, but I wanted to get my story out. I’m sure it is like a number of your story’s, I would love to hear them! But here it go’s.

It all started last year, march 4th to be exact. That was the date we got together, me and my ex. I had been talking to this girl after she had moved for a good three months, but on that day we got together.

Everything was going well, I was happy. At this point I had no idea I was living with bi polar. We would argue every known and again, you know, like everycouple does. But after a while it just got so occurring. I thought she wouldn’t leave me, until: she had enough.

I was okay for the first few weeks, then, I found myself more and and more down, seemingly day by day. About midway through September I stopped going to school for like a month. I couldn’t handle it. It was towards the end of September of which I self harmed. I was shaving at the time, I’m not really sure what made me do it, but it didn’t hurt at all? Only people who have done it will understand how it feels.

It was at this point I knew I needed help. The next day I attended an emergency counciling meeting. At this point, suicide seemed like a perfect option. Not much happend between that and the next event apart from counciling.

October 20th 2015

I forgot to say that after the start of my counciling I started to attend school again, 

October 21st 2015 (day before my birthday)

They released me on this day, nothing happend on this day.

Present ~

Currently, the date of me writing this: I’m a mixture of happy and down some times, hell, I guess I just summed up bi polar.

I just wanted to finish by saying, it honestly does get better! I can promise you that! Stay strong! I also want to thank you, the reader. For having the patience to read all of that! I would love to here your story weather it be in the comments or on your profile! That really is it for today, I’ll post again tomorrow, till then, stay strong!