Suddenly started feeling down

I don’t know why but I’ve just started feeling down. No one is up to talk to, the few to none people I have left. Fuck.


Happy few days

I’ve been having a really positive few days recently, I’ve been going out a lot and getting stuff I wanted too, I spoke to my doctor and he suggested to try to focus on and getting stuff done I need to, and he was right it’s helped, I’ve managed to get my ID photo taken and a few other bits and keeping doing stuff keeps me motivated, I know it sounds like a given but keeping moving and doing stuff helps me a lot.

Today’s verdict

To be honest I just wanted to post, after my bath I’m happy to say I’ve  cheered up a bit and haven’t been down tonight since. Although I have started to feel really lonely not only today but a lot in the past few weeks, it feels like I have no one I can really turn to. Especially from leaving school.

Hopefully this blog will help me make new friends and people who can be there for me,who knows. If not I’ll have to wait till collage. I hope you all had a good day, hopefully I’ll sleep better than yesterday, stay strong guys!

Repeating cycle

I’m Fed up of this now, it’s beyond a joke. When I explain I’m sure some people will connect. Im in a repeating cycle at the moment. I have been bed ridden BY CHOICE because I honestly feel like I have no motivation.

It’s not like I don’t want to do anything, it’s the opposite. I want to but I just find myself not willing or wanting to get up and do it. I’m lacking motivation I guess. Whenever I tell this to people who don’t understand they simply tell me “don’t be down, get up and do something!”. As if it was that easy.

It’s got to the point where I don’t even want to sleep or wake up anymore because I know it’ll just be the same, this same cycle. I want to just start collage and get a job so I can properly start my life.

This month will be so slow and boring for me, apart from my collage interview. I need August to hurry up so I can get my results and actually properly start my life. For now: looks like I’ll have to put up with this. I’m going to go for that bath now and have a cup of tea after, maybe that’ll cheer me up.

Any advice on how to motivate myself would be much appreciated.