Self harm//expanding on Naruto

Okay so I’ve been talking about “what Naruto has taught me” a lot recently and I realised: I never really back it up with evidence: so here we go😊Also this is kind of irrelevant but through account surfing I saw in a lot of bio’s how long people have/had been clean and I thought I’d share mine. I’ve been clean for a massive year and a quarter! It will be two years this September 😊to say I’m proud of my selfs an understatement, but you should be proud too! Weather it’s an hour, day, month or year! It’s all time you’ve managed to resist temptation and a victory worth celebrating.


Naruto:what it taught me.

Okay, I lied. BUT: in good light. I’m just loving the idea of this blog. But this post is a bit more? Lighthearted? But I feel it’s still relevant.

Incase any of you have not heard of Naruto, It is a anime based off (yup,you guessed) the life/adventures of a boy called Naruto. Unfortunately, unlike meany of the people who connect with naruto, I did not grow up with it.

Without spoiling the story, Naruto is a young boy who grows and matures throughout the series. Unfortunately, due to something he could not control, everyone hated him and made him an outcast. They wanted him to die. No matter how much he tried to get them to like him and accept him, they didn’t.

But, overtime he made friends. And they accepted him and cared for him. You get to see him mature and become a better person.

Anyone that has/does watch naruto I’m sure will have some idea what I’m on about. If I’m having a bad day or I’m down, somehow that knuckle head ninja always manages to cheer me up!

“One day, I’m going to become Hokagi! I’ll prove it to all of you! Belive it!”

Maybe every known and again I’ll post about stuff like this? Depending on how well it does. Thanks for reading and stay strong!

P.S strongly do suggest watching Naruto! Even if you are not an anime  fan!